Travelling Research Fellowship

BDRF is once again offering £5,000 to newly qualified consultant surgeons wishing to set up collaborative research projects. The grant may be used to develop existing collaborations, to promote a new multicentre research collaboration or undertake a period of scientific or clinical research.

Applicants must be a consultant member of ACPGBI within 5 years of substantive appointment on the day of closure of applications.

Applications are open until 12pm on Monday 9th September. Interviews with shortlisted candidates are scheduled to be held on Tuesday 29th October.

Please submit your application electronically to Glen Saffery at [email protected] All applications must include correspondence received from your proposed host institution/s confirming their support of your application.

Last year’s successful applicant, Mrs Julie Cornish, is using her grant to develop links with the Amsterdam Medical Centre to look at variations in the use of ileostomy across Europe.

She told us: “I am really pleased to have been awarded the BDRF grant. This will allow me to travel to work with colleagues in the Netherlands who have a different perspective on the formation of ileostomies and timing of reversal following rectal cancer surgery, to many surgeons in the UK. It will allow us to assess patient care pathways and see where improvements can be made.”

Download an application form and see full regulations below:

Application form

Regulations & Application Process

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