Fundraising tips

We are delighted to receive your support and want to do everything we can to support you in your fundraising activities.

We know that fundraising can seem difficult at times, especially when you’re working to ambitious targets, but just a few simple things may help you not only meet, but exceed your targets!

Two secrets to successful fundraising:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask!
    Ask everyone you know, and ask them to ask everyone they know. You could be pleasantly surprised who will be willing to donate their time, skills and of course money to support your efforts.
  2. Be persistent!
    Don’t be put off if people don’t donate the first time you ask, they often need reminding and won’t mind if you do so. As long as you keep your message fresh- for example with an update on your training and fundraising achievements- they will be happy to hear from you.

It’s also important that you tell everyone:

  • Email all of your contacts. They’ll be entertained by tales of your efforts!
  • Put up posters- in your workplace, gym, church or at any other local meeting places you regularly go to.
  • Speak to your sponsors; perhaps they will let you put up posters or collection boxes, they might even let you notify their staff or contacts via email, or include your press release in their internal communications.
  • Carry your sponsorship form everywhere, or if this isn’t practical think about having some simple business cards made up with your website or Justgiving page
  • Distribute your sponsorship form (or business cards) among family and friends and ask them to ask their contacts. The more people you ask the more sponsorship you’re likely to get! 

After you’ve told everyone it’s a good idea to think about how else you can get them involved-think about the things they can offer you other than donated sponsorship.

Try and get people to help you. You’re likely to know many other people who are behind the cause and people often like to feel involved in your efforts. It’s worth thinking about who you know and what they might be able to offer other than donated sponsorship:


Perhaps you know someone who works in a pub, bar or restaurant who might be able to help you organise a quiz night or themed party, or perhaps they might be willing to donate some funds from an existing event for your sponsorship.


Maybe one of your friends is a talented cook who could hold a bake sale or ‘come dine with me’ style party for you. Or perhaps they could offer their skills in gardening, languages, computing, crafts, or massage in exchange for donations to your sponsorship.


Perhaps they can donate a raffle prize or item for a car boot sale, you could even see if people have any unwanted Christmas or birthday gifts that they want to get rid of!


Perhaps they can help you out along the way with your challenge, or with a big fundraising push like a fancy dress collection!

Good luck! If you have any further questions or are in need of any advice or encouragement please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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