COVIDSURG collaborative launched to tackle pandemic

Research and international collaboration will be crucial in beating back the novel coronavirus and mitigating its impact on our health systems.

In the face of this unprecedented threat, surgeons from around the world are uniting to protect patients.

COVIDSURG is a rapid responsive research collaborative launched to support surgical policy & practice in a pandemic. In a matter of days, 1,355 sites have signed up from more than 96 countries. That figure is rising all the time!

Data will be collected at high speed and in high quantities, giving medical professionals vital knowledge on how the new virus affects surgical patients and what care strategies work best.

COVIDSURG has been designed by an international group of surgeons and anaesthetists, with representation from Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

To sign up for this important work please visit: The work is still in a design phase and contribution to the data capture forms & questions to be posed is very welcome.

It is beyond inspiring to see the response of the medical & surgical community to this virus – possibly unmatched in human history in its speed and determination. BDRF sends our best wishes and immense gratitude to all those working on the front line in this crisis – as well as the patients they serve. Thank you to you all!