2019 Travelling Researcher Awards announced

BDRF are pleased to announce the recipients of our 2019 Travelling Research Fellowship Grant awards.

Debbie Kellor – Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Colorectal Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center

Aaron Quyn – Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at St James’s Hospital in Leeds.

Debbie’s project is titled “Developing a pathway of LARS relief after surgery” and will see her collaborating from New York with the Cardiff and Vale University in Wales.

Debbie comments;

“This award supports the investigator for feasibility planning of a larger goal. It allows the preliminary work and could set the stage for a practice-changing, multi-center international study that could have great benefits to improve quality-of-life and function for patients with bowel dysfunction after surgery.

With the full study, we could have an evidence-based consensus on treatment that works for patients suffering from bowel dysfunction after surgery, and implement the algorithm used. Extremely grateful for BDRF for their support of my work and our patients.”

Debbie will be working with Ms. Julie Cornish and Mr. Jared Torkington in Cardiff – who have a strong track record of research and innovation focusing on improving bowel dysfunction of rectal cancer surgery.

Aaron’s project is the AURORA trial which will investigate a novel theranostic nanoparticle to increase specificity of nodal, stage and as a radiosensitising agent in rectal cancer to improve response rates in a greater number of patients.

Aaron will use the grant to visit the University of Lyon and also the University of Bordeaux whilst also meeting the inventors of the technology used in the trial.

Aaron comments:

“There is a rapidly growing patient interest in how radiotherapy can be augmented to result in better oncological outcomes. This ambitious trial is of critical importance and is a key study in the assessment of novel radiotherapy combinations to increase organ preservation in rectal cancer, reduce stoma rates and improve quality of life and functional outcomes.

We have assembled a diverse, yet cohesive, consortium with expertise in surgery, radiotherapy, nanomedicine, clinical trials and cancer pathology, to bring the project to fruition.”

BDRF will provide updates on both these projects in the next year and both researchers will be asked to attend the ACBGI conference in Edinburgh in July 2020 to speak about their projects in more detail.

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