Morbidity and mortality of the Hartmann procedure for diverticular disease over 18 years in a single institution

The aims or background of the study: A Hartmann’s procedure is the treatment of choice for perforated diverticular disease – but has morbidity and mortality reduced over the last 20 years? In this single institution study of 199 patients who had operative procedures for perforated diverticular disease between 1992 and 2010, the answer is no. Morbidity remains high at 52% and mortality was as high as 15%.  Independent predictors of morbidity on multivariate analysis were Hinchey IV (P < 0.001) and hypoproteinaemia (P =0.001). Independent predictors for mortality were ASA > 3 (P = 0.01), abnormal creatinine (P = 0.007), steroid use (P = 0.007), Hinchey IV (P = 0.032), low albumin (P < 0.001) and low body mass index (P = 0.001).

Colorectal Disease 2012;14(8):e492–e498

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