From scratch to the pages of the Lancet – How can CovidSurg change practice?

A little over 3 months ago, the CovidSurg global collaborative launched to urgently assess the safety of surgery in the unfolding coronavirus pandemic.

Not long afterwards, BDRF announced we would be funding the work in partnership with fellow charities.

The first results of the study are now available and have been published in the Lancet. Yesterday, the study team hosted a webinar to discuss their findings – you can watch it below:

The first set of data looks at people having surgery while infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The findings show significantly increased risks, particularly in men aged 70 and over. They recommend postponing non-urgent procedures and promoting non-operative treatment to delay or avoid the need for surgery in these patients.

This information is critical in providing the best possible care for people who need it. Bowel cancer, IBD and other bowel diseases aren’t going anywhere – we need to know how to tackle them now.

The CovidSurg team are still working and more results will be available soon. We are extremely proud to be playing our part in research to protect patients now & in future.