Diverticulitis Patient Day

DATE: Wednesday 15th January 2020

TIME: 10 am to 4pm

LOCATION: Royal College of Surgeons England, Holborn, London

Lunch is provided and travel expenses covered

BDRF will be holding a patient and public involvement day to help gather views for the recently funded DAMASCUS project which is aimed at improving outcomes/treatment in patients who suffer with diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis is a very common, often painful, condition that affects a large number of patients. There are a variety of ways in which it may present and in how it may be treated and we know that outcomes from these treatments vary considerably both within the UK but also across the world.

Whilst medical teams have an idea of what is important to patients in terms of outcomes of treatment for diverticulitis, we have not “lived” the disease and are therefore only really hypothesing about what treatment outcomes/goals are important to you as patients.

It is therefore absolutely crucial for any medical research that we obtain the face to face  views of patients, and this process of involving patients right at the beginning of a study is now a well-recognised step in research design.

The patient day is a very informal day where you will join members of the study team along with medical students who will help record details of the discussions during the day. We will give you a brief introduction to the study and our current knowledge of diverticulitis. Don’t worry this will be presented in a very easy to understand “non-medical terminology” and you will be encouraged to stop us at any time and ask questions. You are likely to find this session quite informative and helpful if you suffer with diverticulitis.

We will then break into small groups where we will discuss your views on:
·      Symptoms of diverticulitis
·      Consequences of diverticulitis
·      Acceptable treatments
·      Research goals from a patient perspective

The day will be very informal, lunch will be provided as will travel expenses to the venue (we ask that you kindly keep these as economical as possible please). Please find travel arrangements and contact details below, feel free to get in touch before the event if you have any queries or questions

If you would like to take part then please register your interest with the Project Lead Dale Vimalachndran:

[email protected]

Full information on the event can be found in this document: patient info PPI

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