NASBO Survey shows need for more awareness of nutritional support

Survey results from the groundbreaking National Audit of Small Bowel Obstruction (NASBO) have highlighted the need for better strategies among healthcare professionals to provide nutritional support to patients.

The survey, which saw responses from 384 consultant surgeons at 131 Hospitals around the UK, spotted major variations in awareness of the need for nutritional support and strategies to achieve it.

It has now been published in the Colorectal Disease Journal

Importantly, few surgeons reported the existence of best practice guidelines in their hospital for managing patients with bowel obstruction.

The team are now using this data as a key plank of best practice guidelines to be developed applied across the UK. This is urgently needed, with the role of malnutrition in delaying recovery and even contributing to patient deaths being recognised more and more.

You can read more about the NASBO audit and download the full report here

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