IBD Newcastle

This March, we’re heading to Newcastle for a one day conference on IBD surgery.

This conference will bring together the national and international Inflammatory Bowel Disease surgery community.

The event encompasses a full day of talks and networking. The morning session will focus on radiology, pathology, pregnancy and endoscopic innovations in IBD surgery, with a high level IBD discussion MDT. This will be followed by sessions on innovation, abdominal wall reconstruction, national directions in UK IBD surgery, cutting edge IBD surgery techniques and UK/European expert keynotes.

BDRF research will feature heavily in the programme. Organiser Richard Brady currently leads a BDRF funded project on the gut microbiome & Crohn’s fistula, while many of our researchers & Trustees past & present feature as speakers.

IBD research is a beacon of hope to so many patients. We can’t wait to get to Newcastle to find out about the latest developments – there’s so much we need to do. We hope to see you there!

Register for the conference here

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