CReaTE Roadshow East and West Midlands

Colorectal Research and Trial Engagement


To host a day of informative and interesting debate to get your hospital site involved in colorectal research

To leave you full of vigour and excitement.


  1. 30 or so colorectal surgeons from across the midlands
  2. 20 to 30 health professionals (research nurses, oncologists, gastroenterologists, advanced nurse practitioners, research fellows, research assistant, trainees, anaesthetists…)
  3. 1 Radiologist
  4. 10 or so patients and family members
  5. A sprinkle of charity and research funder representatives


  • Best way to treat early rectal cancers – STARTREC
  • Prevent parastomal hernias –CIPHER
  • Accelerate recovery after surgery through exercise – PREPARE ABC
  • Evaluate efficacy of appendicectomy – ACCURE
  • Assess intravenous iron therapy for anaemic patients in palliative care – ICARUS
  • Reduce surgical site infection – SUNRRISE & ROSSINI 2
  • Essential skills to recruit patients to clinical trials GRANULE
  • Developing & delivering portfolio research at your hospital



































  • Research is fun and exciting – get on board
  • Let’s normalise participation in clinical trials and embed it in everyday clinical practice
  • Patients and Professionals working together = life changing results
  • Send your staff on a future GRANULE training course – they are a game changer
  • Attend future ACPGBI CReaTE Roadshows for more vigour and excitement

The next CReaTE roadshow will hit Basingstoke on Wednesday 6th February 2019 Register HERE

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