BDRF Project crowned best research poster at European Colorectal Congress 2017

Congratulations are in order as Liam Poynter’s BDRF funded project was named best research poster of the annual congress in St Gallen!

Liam’s research was awarded a BDRF grant of £12,000 this year, and aims to identify biomarkers that could predict whether bowel cancer will respond well to radiotherapy or not.

This knowledge is something of a Holy Grail in bowel cancer research, as it would open the door to personalised treatments and a better understanding of what makes cancer vulnerable to particular treatments.

Liam’s work focuses on lipids, fatty acids that affect cell membranes.  Initial findings are promising, suggesting a strong correlation between certain kinds of lipids and radiotherapy resistance, and further work remains ongoing.

So congratulations to Liam and best of luck with the rest of the project! You can see the full poster in PDF form below.

Project Poster
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