A meeting of minds in the management of Crohn’s disease

Fistula Meeting 16.09.16 (640x380)

Over two days last week Bowel Disease Research Foundation brought together patients, surgeons, nurses, gastroenterologists and radiologists in the ongoing investigative research project to determine the optimum treatment for perianal fistula associated with Crohn’s disease.

Discussions took place to help ensure that the research being conducted is not only agreeable to the patients but also has buy in and full support of the medical professionals involved.

Peter Rowbottom, Chief Exec of the Bowel Disease Research Foundation who attended the collaborator’s meeting hosted by the British Society of Gastroenterology commented;

I was blown away by the expert opinion and the detailed scrutiny of this research project in what was a truly collaborative meeting.  It was a fascinating two days of discovery into what continues to be a painful and disturbing condition”

Azmina Verjee, one of the patient representatives was also very upbeat having attended both sessions and commented

“Through combining wide –ranging expertise and bringing together diverse specialisms through this collaboration we can definitely prevent tomorrow’s patients from having to suffer with their fistulae in the same way as may do currently”

This piece of research is part of the BDRF Delphi project

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