CEO Blog: mission possible




Regular readers of this blog will now hopefully be familiar with our vision of a world where one day, bowel disease is eradicated.

Sitting below this deliberately outrageous vision is our mission – which drives the work we do on the ground each and every day in the hospitals up and down Great Britain and Ireland:

BDRF aims to develop clinical practice and improve the lives of patients.

With collaborations now extending far and wide across Europe and beyond – the research that we have commissioned can truly be said to be having a global impact.

We like to ask the questions that matter and get those people who are best placed to answer them together to work on developing possible solutions.

Today, we are greeted with headlines that the NHS is to face a shortage of 350,000 staff within a decade in a report by leading health-think tanks Nuffield Trust, King’s Fund and Health Foundation.

We can’t offer a panacea for the problems facing our health system but what we can offer is help in finding solutions to better healthcare through specialist research.

Two shining examples of recently funded BDRF projects that have been a catalyst to help drive developments in clinical practice have been audits into small bowel obstruction  (NASBO) and lower gastrointestinal bleeding. (LGIB)

Audits are a crucial step in understanding what is happening in a given aspect of healthcare – a snapshot of the processes and defined standards of care. Findings can be used to suggest recommended improvements to get greater clinical outcomes for patients.

NASBO and LGIB have done just that. Their findings have been reported in many a scientific journal and presented at a plethora of global medical conferences.

Recommendations developed through these audits will now be taken on board by medical professionals and used to develop clinical practice and improve outcomes for patients.

We firmly believe in our vision and mission statements and we hope you will back us with them too.

Our latest grant round had just closed and we have had a record number of applications so we know that there is an abundance of research out there needing funding. We look forward to sharing the results of those that have passed through our peer review process in early 2019.

In the meantime, we will continue to tirelessly look for new ways to help fund our work and ask you to do your bit as always.  Please do help promote the work we do by following us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and help share our research far and wide.

One day our mission will be accomplished and our vision will be achieved – but only with your help so please do continue to  further our cause.