BDRF CEO Blog – Hopes and Fears

BDRF are launching a campaign today to assist the strategic direction of our research into all types of bowel disease.

We want to discover the hopes and fears of patients and professionals for the future of bowel disease research.

You can help us  fuel conversations about what are the most important areas to address in our research and help sharpen our focus.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Henry Mason from Trend Watching  at the AMRC CEO Summit who outlined very eloquently the challenges and opportunities we now face due to the accelerated environment of innovation we live in.

Just take a look at this advert from Japan for a few minutes….

And breathe…..

We also learned about a restaurant that ask for faecal samples a week before you visit, to enable a personalised menu based on the make-up of your guts; an app that replicates your personality and becomes your new best mate and also ethical vegan condoms….

And breathe….

Two things you can take away from this. One – wow what an opportunity we have to embrace new trends and innovative technology. Two – wow the world has gone insane, we’ve got to put a lid on this… run away!

So what relevance does that have to our bowels and the work of BDRF?

The world seems to be spinning on its axis faster and faster these days with technology innovations accelerating the speed in which we live our lives, process news, socialise, sleep, health and well being.. you name it and there will be an app for it somewhere.

Well, we’re embracing these challenges and opportunities head on and asking our stakeholders two things:

  • What are your hopes for bowel disease research?
  • What are your fears for bowel disease research?

What do you hope that we can achieve? What do you think is going to best make a difference to how we treat and care for people with bowel disease? What critical leaps forward can we take in working towards finding a cure and understanding what causes these diseases in the first place?

What’s going to stand in our way of achieving this? What hurdles do we need to address? What barriers to progress do we envisage?

Give us all you’ve got – there’s no right answers, there’s no wrong answers – there are only answers!

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Visit our stand at the ACPGBI Conference in Dublin this week  and give us your thoughts on our special Hopes and Fears board.
  • Post your thoughts on Social Media using #BowelHopesAndFears
  • E Mail [email protected]
  • Use the contact us page on our website

Thank you in advance for your help in this.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say.