BDRF research into bowel cancer

BDRF’s research into bowel cancer is achieving some amazing things.

Our research findings are allowing thousands of patients to avoid radical surgery after successful radiotherapy for rectal cancer. BDRF research is also helping doctors spot the earliest signs of bowel cancer with revolutionary fluorescence technology.

A study we funded in 2017 was crowned the best research poster in Europe at the European Colorectal Congress in St Gallen that year, for presenting early findings that could open the door to personalised treatments and a better understanding of what makes cancer vulnerable or resistant to radiotherapy.

A major UK-wide initiative aiming to match individual bowel cancer patients to the most effective treatments, the S-Cort Consortium, was launched with the support of data generated in a 2011 BDRF study.

We’ve recently launched studies looking at whether Vitamin D can help more people survive bowel cancer, as well as vital initiatives aiming to improve care for people with late stage disease, improve early diagnosis and utilise cutting-edge immunotherapy.

In total we’ve funded 54 pieces of research in this field, having a huge and growing impact. All of this has been made possible by the support of our donors.

By becoming one of them today, you could help us do even more to develop clinical practice and improving the lives of patients.

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