Helping patients recover after bowel surgery

Having bowel surgery is a big deal. Recovering afterwards takes time, and there are hurdles and pitfalls along the way.

The first is getting back to full bowel function after an op. Otherwise known as gastrointestinal recovery.

Because of the disruption to their bowel, many patients will suffer from debilitating nausea and vomiting (ileus) and bowel obstructions.

Delays to recovery lead to huge suffering for patients, as well as longer stays in hospital and high costs to the NHS.

A new research study is calling on surgeons, medical professionals and patients to help define bowel recovery. We need a standard measurement – a Core Outcome Set – for bowel recovery to underpin efforts to improve it.

The research involves a series of simple questionnaires which take around 15 minutes to complete. Because the team wants to be sure all perspectives are heard, a good balance of patients, surgeons and medical professionals is essential.

Please sign up to be part of this study – and help thousands of people get better more quickly after bowel surgery.