Delphi Oracle

Setting the Research Agenda

The Modified Delphi Exercise is a ground-breaking programme to democratically identify the highest-priority areas in colorectal research.

Drawing on as wide a range of expert knowledge and specialist experience as possible, along with significant patient input, the project has established BDRF’s research agenda for the coming years. The work has been funded by BDRF and led by ACPGBI with input from the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSE).

We are pleased to announce that the first round of grants awarded along the newly established framework has now been concluded. Successful applicants will be announced in mid to late May. Full information on this process is available on our grants page.

The story so far

Through extensive surveying of the ACPGBI membership, over 500 research questions were submitted and whittled down over 2 rounds of voting to the 25 considered to be absolute highest priority. Further information on this process and the list of questions is available in full here.

The next step was to recruit a 45-strong team of “Delphi Champions”,  who have committed to taking on the questions either individually or as part of a team. Enabling them to develop consensual approaches to common and pressing problems.


Patient consultation

On March 26th 2015 we held an event at the RCSE which brought patients and surgeons together to discuss the 25 priority questions. This ensured patient voices were heard from the outset, and the conclusions from this exercise will form an integral part of the professionals’ approach to each of the 25 topics. We were joined on the day by representatives from the Ileostomy Association, Bowel Cancer UK, the British Society for Gastroenterology and the Inside Out Stoma Support Group, as well as current patients with a broad spectrum of experience.

DDF Patient survey

Continuing the project’s commitment to incorporating as wide a range of views as possible, we held a survey as part of 2015’s Digestive Diseases Federation Conference. This proved to be the largest survey of patient attitudes ever conducted in coloproctology, and helped to better inform researchers on patients’ views.

Delphi Games

The Delphi Games have been a huge success, with a series of workshops now concluded in which the established list of questions was comprehensively workshopped. We are now in a position to invite applications for research projects focusing on the Delphi questions.

Do get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information on the process and how to apply.


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