Bowel Cancer

In the UK:

  • 40,000 new cases diagnosed each year

  • 16,000 deaths each year

  • It is the 4th most common cancer

  • 2nd largest cause of cancer deaths (behind lung cancer)

Bowel Cancer (or colorectal cancer) starts in the colon or back passage (rectum). Symptoms of bowel cancer can include

  • bleeding from the back passage
  • blood in your poo
  • or a change in your normal bowel habit

The precise cause is not known but it can be linked to lifestyle and diet, family history, age, and other medical conditions.

Treatment can include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and is dependent on many factors including the location, size and staging of the disease.

BDRF has funded over 50 projects investigating bowel cancer and it is a hugely important aspect of our research.

You can find out more about some of the impact our work has already made in helping to develop treatments and improve the lives of patients.

We urgently need to fund further research into bowel cancer and we hope that you will help us in supporting our work.
















* Statistics provided by Cancer Research UK


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